A breath of fresh air for a growing product line.

A rising brand and truly great product in the anti bacterial space, the guys at GearHalo had outgrown the previous online brochure, and needed to create a site that showcased the product, availability, and ease use across various activities. Added in to all of that, was the need to be able to sell products to retailers, but keep a dividing line between retail and personal purchases, while generating new client sales and interest.


The solution started very similar to most, research, analyze, plan, however this one had some unique challenges, such as the audience targeting, and the delivery methods per audience. Special focus was placed on imagery used, changing copy to match the target, and directed calls to action were created.

Next up was cataloging company retail locations, providing easy to search mapping in conjunction with it, adding in visual markers for retail type, and setting up location targeted purchasing stores for retailers.

After mapping everything out, fully designing and redesigning site elements, the last big task was placing this all together in a simple and easily to run content management solution that the guys could maintain on their own moving forward.



User Experience (UX/UI)
Visual Design
Front End Web Development
Content Management (CMS)
Project Management



Just lil ol me, and the owners of GearHalo.


106% increase in site traffic.

All sales location information converted into a single mapping tool.

Next project:

Scorpio Stone