Ember Archeology

Digging up a new brand.

Ember didn’t exist, well not on its own, and not in a way that was clear to everyone else. As a group of services under Tree Time Services, it was time for this amazingly talented group of people to stand out on their own, be able to market their own brand, and promote how truly amazing they are and how integral they are to the fabric of Alberta.


The amazing crew at Habit created a brand from the ground up, investigating the needs of the company, its integration into the archaeological landscape of Alberta, and where the crew wanted to be in the future.

While the brand was being scoped, sculpted, and refined, I came in and evaluated the content they had, and where they wanted to evolve to, creating a mapping of the existing content and further to that an outline of the content they would need to work towards.

After content mapping we moved into wireframing all sections, pages, and functions of the site, and evaluated the flow for users, and how best to integrate what they had tried in the past with what needed to be there to succeed in the future.

After an amazing design was created based on all of those steps it was simply a matter of getting into the build phase, and adding life to it all in a manner that was easy to edit, update, and create in, while leaving it open to easy future additions.



User Experience (UX/UI)
Front End Web Development
Content Management (CMS)



Christy Forsythe
Stephen Tremblett
Nate Weller


Over 200 articles converted into a future friendly layout and structure.

Content driven and mobile friendly.

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