Project Forest

Seeding the future.

Based on their past and ongoing experiences, Tree Time Services started to see a need to provide a central unifying way to rewild and reduce carbon in Alberta. With that came a need for an entirely new brand, a direction, and a way to promote it all.


The joy of working with a brand from the inception is being able to help set the vision, language, ideals, and functions. With that we started out on a journey to tackle everything and make it as flexible moving forward as possible.

Looking at industry peers and competitors we created a site structure that was easy to follow, maintain, and promote.

Once the structure was set, we moved into a full mapping out of sections, pages, content blocks and functions for the site, and then carried that all into a full design phase that incorporated the brand ideals we had set prior.

Last, but certainly not least was developing the site into an easy to edit, easy to manipulate, and easy to adjust way moving forward that the crew at Project Forest could handle on their own.



User Experience (UX/UI)
Front End Web Development
Content Management (CMS)


Christy Forsythe
Nate Weller


Over 110,000 seedlings planted in the first 10 months of operation.

2021 ACE Award Winner.

Next project:

Edmonton Tower